November 1993 - I got my first PUPPY! My sweet Luca, the cutest Chocolate Lab you ever did see. As a kid I had a family dog, a Pekinese named Goldy and I now had two cats, Perry and Shade. But none of this had prepared me for the amazing journey I was about to embark upon as the owner of my very own puppy.

As I began the task of raising this precious animal, I soon realized that I had a real feel for this - I began my education. I already had experience with many types of animals but I wanted to learn more. I read and researched and observed and asked a million questions. I became quite knowledgeable on the subject of dogs.

Soon I realized that I would feel very fulfilled If I were somehow able to have these incredible creatures be a much larger part of my life, and so the idea of P.A.W.S was born. Since then P.A.W.S. has become a respected and valued service to more than one hundred New York City pet owners.

My life has been filled with delight as my staff and I have had the privilege of being entrusted with the care of so many delightful animals. We love each and every one, they bring so much simple joy to this sometimes difficult world.

And every day I thank my Luca, my inspiration, I couldn't imagine being this happy doing anything else.
Kathi & Luca
Luca & Kathi

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